Three Myths.. and the Reality… of Steel Bridges

There are a lot of “myths”or misconceptions surrounding the use of steel in bridge construction. These myths often arise out of past experience and don’t take into account changes in technology, improvements in materials and products or updated design and construction practices.

MYTH # 1: Steel Is Not Recommended For Short Spans.

REALITY: Due to changing designs and prices for both steel and concrete members, the relative economics of span and cost of each material has also changed. In many cases, the most economical steel span may be close to or the same as for the concrete design.  The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance has developed standard designs and details to further simplify the process.  In addition, they have created a program called eSPAN140 which provides economical customized solutions for bridges under 140’

MYTH # 2: Optimization by weight is the best approach to economical design.

REALITY: Although this may be true in some cases, savings in material may sometimes be more than offset by increases in fabrication cost; in certain instances, adding weight may provide the least cost solution.

MYTH # 3: Modular prefabricated short-span steel bridges are only temporary structures.

REALITY: Modular prefabricated short-span bridges, as compared with so-called panel bridges, are typically permanent structures.

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About Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder is director of the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA), where he works with SSSBA members to educate, inform and promote the many advantages of using steel for short span bridges including cost-effectiveness, time-saving bridge designs and life cycle analysis advantages. He is a digital marketing enthusiast, appreciating both the creative side of the process as well as the science behind it, and provides regular updates via his Pull Marketer blog at Dan can be contacted at
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