Creating the Buchanan County Bridge Design with eSPAN140

Among the first steps that Buchanan County Engineer Brian Keierleber took in the development of the new bridge in Jesup, Iowa was to create a design using eSPAN140, the free design tool from the SSSBA.   He entered information about the bridge, including span length, number of striped traffic lanes, skew angle and design speed, among other requirements.


Three steps to a short span steel bridge design with eSPAN140.

After he entered all the information and submitted it through the online eSPAN140 system, he received a customized “Steel Bridge Solutions book as a PDF download.  Following are selected pages from the eSPAN140 solutions book.  Download the entire Solutions book PDF here.

Click here to send an email to Brian to ask any questions. 

Check out the live webcam here.

eSpan140_Solution_17531952_1093_Page_04              eSpan140_Solution_17531952_1093_Page_14eSpan140_Solution_17531952_1093_Page_17 eSpan140_Solution_17531952_1093_Page_18 eSpan140_Solution_17531952_1093_Page_11 eSpan140_Solution_17531952_1093_Page_12

About Rich Tavoletti

Rich Tavoletti is Director of the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance. He is also Director of the Container Market program for the Steel Market Development Institute, a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute, and Executive Director of the Canned Food Alliance. Rich has extensive experience in marketing and communications. He was marketing manager at the Steel Recycling Institute. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He can be reached at
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