Buchanan County Demonstration Bridge Schedule

Please note that this schedule is estimated and subject to change.

Watch the demonstration bridge construction. Click here to view the video from the live webcam.


Aug 27 – Sept 17: Fabrication at US Bridge including hole drilling and cutting for plates, beams and diaphragms), welding stiffeners. railing fabrication

Sept 18: ship to AZZ in Canton, Ohio for galvanizing

Sept 20 – 25: Galvanizing and quality check prior to shipping to job site.

Week of September 23: Delivery to Buchanan County, Iowa job site

On-Site Bridge Construction Schedule

Aug 20 –  22: Structural removal. road closure and equipment hammer and ball

Aug 23  – 26: Begin shaping slopes

Aug 27: Begin placing fabric and riprap  Non-Woven geotextile and Class E revetment (trucks)

Aug 28 – 30: Placing riprap and fabric

Sept 3 – 4:  Bore holes for H-piles (sub contractor with rock drill

Sept 5 – 6  Tie abutment steel. Galvanized rebar, chairs, hoop steel, wire ties

Sept 9: Pour one abutment

Sept 10: Strip forms tie abutment steel

Sept 11 – 12: Tie abutment steel

Sept 13:  Pour abutment

Sept 14: Strip forms and set beams

October 3: Delivery of beams and diaphragms

October 4:  Set Beams

October 7 – 9: Install diaphragms

October 10 : Decking

October 11: Stay in place forms

October 14:  Tie steel

Oct 15:  Deck preparation and deck pour

Oct 16: Deck pour

Oct 17 – 21: Set barrier rails and posts

Oct 22 – 25: Pour approaches

Oct 28:  Cleanup

Nov. 1: Ribbon cutting ceremony on site.

Nov. 1:  Open to Traffic

Research – Directed by Dr. Karl Barth, West Virginia University and Michael Gary Barker, University of Wyoming

Oct 23 – 24: Set measuring devices in place.

About Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder is director of the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA), where he works with SSSBA members to educate, inform and promote the many advantages of using steel for short span bridges including cost-effectiveness, time-saving bridge designs and life cycle analysis advantages. He is a digital marketing enthusiast, appreciating both the creative side of the process as well as the science behind it, and provides regular updates via his Pull Marketer blog at https://www.pullmarketer.com/. Dan can be contacted at dsnyder@steel.org.
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