SSSBA Blog – A Practical New Year’s Resolution

It’s a brand new year, and for many of us, that means reflecting on the year past to assess what we did right and what we can do better in 2014.

For county engineers and other bridge design professionals, a key goal in the new year will be to find ways to save their organizations time and money while repairing and rebuilding short span bridges. We can help.

If you haven’t tried designing a short span steel bridge (under 140 feet) in three steps or less with eSPAN140, make this the year to try it. Go to, type in the parameters for your project, and get a customized steel solution in less than five minutes.

The Jesup South bridge in Buchanan County, Iowa is expected to save thousands of dollars for County Engineer Brian Keierleber and the taxpayers there. Designed in less than five minutes and constructed in just two months, the new Jesup South bridge is nearly twice the width of the original concrete bridge and can now carry the heavy loads required for trucks and agricultural equipment. Read about the new bridge here.

Bridge professionals in Kentucky are already making plans to attend the third annual Kentucky Bridge Engineering Seminar Day on February 4 in Lexington. One of the sessions offered that day will be “Economical Short Span Steel Bridges and eSPAN140,” which will be presented by a member of the SSSBA’s Bridge Technology Center. Feedback on the SSSBA session from participants at such events has always been positive.

At the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance, our New Year’s resolution is to continue to introduce bridge design professionals in the U.S., Canada and Mexico to the time-saving, cost-effective benefits of using steel to design lightweight, durable steel bridges of 140 feet or less…..and the ease of designing those bridges with eSPAN140.

In 2014, resolve to check out the benefits of short span steel bridge design and eSPAN140. To schedule a seminar or webinar, or to speak with someone directly, contact Dan Snyder at 301.367.6179 or; or browse our website at

About Rich Tavoletti

Rich Tavoletti is Director of the Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance. He is also Director of the Container Market program for the Steel Market Development Institute, a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute, and Executive Director of the Canned Food Alliance. Rich has extensive experience in marketing and communications. He was marketing manager at the Steel Recycling Institute. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He can be reached at
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